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All players have to accept the following, so called "TibiaWR Rules".

TibiaWR Rules
Players from all over the world meet in the online roleplaying game TibiaWR. In order to ensure that this game is fun for everyone, we expect a reasonable and friendly behaviour of all players.

Some trusted players have been appointed as "Gamemasters". They have been given the power to banish or penalize characters or accounts in order to stop destructive behaviour in the game or on the official website.

The following offences may lead to banishments or penalties:

  1. Characters with insulting (e.g. "Bastard"), racist (e.g. "Nigger"), extremely right-wing (e.g. "Hitler"), or sexist (e.g. "Bitch") names or player information.
  2. Characters with names consisting of sentences (e.g. "Who are you"), unreasonable combinations of letters (e.g. "fgfshdsfg", "aaaaaaa" or "b"), senseless formattings (e.g. "F R E D" or "mRCoOl"), names of objects (e.g. "christmastree", "a wolf"), names of real-life celebrities (e.g. "Britney Spears"), or names which were created to cause confusion with existing player names (e.g. "Arieswer" instead of "Arieswar")
  3. Any kind of insulting, obscene, racist, extremely right-wing, or sexist statements in the game or on the official website.
  4. Exploiting obvious errors of the game ("bugs"), for instance duplicating items or killing players in protection zones (Quentin's Temple and the depot). If you find a new bug, you are required to report it to ClapSoft Inc. immediately (Email: [email protected]).
  5. Intentionally misusing weaknesses in the gameplay. For example by repeatedly shouting long sentences (so called "spamming"), blocking other players in a protection zone, pushing of players from protection zones in order to kill them, or arranging objects or players in a way, that other players cannot move them.
  6. Using tools to automatically do or repeat certain actions without any interaction of the player ("macros").
  7. Massive random playerkilling. This includes traps that are not specifically targeted at certain persons.
  8. Unprovokedly killing of low-level characters (characters on or below the 10th level).
  9. Threatening or insulting a gamemaster for his actions or his role as a gamemaster. Claiming to be a gamemaster or claiming to have influence on the decisions of gamemasters.
  10. Intentional untruthfulness towards a gamemaster concerning his investigations, e.g. intentionally false reports about rule violations, faking screenshots, etc.
  11. Bugged characters. They are banished in every case, regardless of their behaviour or previous record.
Killing other players is NO reason for banishment as long as the rules above are respected! However, we ask every player to show consideration for new and inexperienced players ("newbies").

A violation of the TibiaWR Rules may lead to permanent banishment of characters and accounts. In severe cases removal or modification of character skills, attributes and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of accounts without any compensation may be considered. The sanction is based on the severeness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player and is determined by the banishing gamemaster.

These rules may be changed at any time. All changes will be announced on the official website.

If your character is banished, you may visit your account page to view the reason and the duration of the banishment. You have the right to submit a formal complaint if you think that the punishment is unjustified or too excessive. Please send an email to: [email protected] and include your character name.

Our Support Team will NEVER ask for account information.

Thank you for playing.
Your TibiaWR Team

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