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Sep 14 2020 -

We can't wait to see you all online!

oday is a great day! Our journey begins again with you and many others. I am very proud to announce official launch of game world, Ikatha. Ikatha is an Open-PVP world. We invite all of you to join us online for this epic adventure! Thank you for your patience and support during these trying times. I cannot wait to see all of you online and to create new memories with all of our players and the entire TibiaWR community.

Sep 11 2020 -

Official Launch is September 14th

e are proud to announce that our official launch day is September 14th, 2020. This is a wonderful moment for all of us at TibiaWR and we couldn't have done it without your continued support and patience. The development of this game has always struck home in a way, and we take pride in ensuring all of our players that they are part of something more. Get ready for a great adventure! Invite your friends, family, and even foes along your journey on one of the most nostalgic experiences in the world of Tibia!

Aug 26 2020 -

Launch day ahead!

ood news! Now that the world of TibiaWR is ready and testing has concluded, we are proud to announce that the official launch is near. A date will be chosen in the next 24 hours and we will add a news ticker above. Thank you for your patience during these difficult times. It is an honor to have you here with us!

Aug 03 2020 - is now officially live!

oday I am proud to announce the website is officially live! Please keep in mind that we will be making changes to the website daily. Account creation will be disabled until approximately 72 hours before our official launch. We are doing our best to ensure a proper and expedient launch. Your patience and support throughout this process is much appreciated. Thank you for choosing to join us on our journey!

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